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Here’s a brief overview of what NewBuild can do. Specialised in getting our clients into a new home with less deposit, and less stress.
Your loan would be a standard bank loan through Sovereign/ASB, interest rates will be very competitive, Newbuild’s lending criteria is unique to newbuild.
If you own a home and want to retain it as an investment, or just long enough to start your build, Newbuild may be able to use your home as security and fund 100% of your land and build.
Our construction loan is fully managed taking so much of the stress of building away from you. 
NewBuild charges a one off fee to fully “project manage” the financial aspects of your loan, making your building loan less expensive in most cases. Newbuild will allow you the option of not making loan interest payments until your home is completed, so you won’t have to pay rent and your loan at the same time – win win!
Your interest rates can be negotiated on completion, newbuild also ensure you have additional funding set aside to cover unexpected costs along the way, but whatever funds you don’t use become yours at the end to do as you wish.
It’s that easy, check it out….

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